Raw Vibes

For 5 years (2011-2016)  I presented and produced Raw Vibes on Watford’s Vibe 107.6. It was a two hour programme jam packed with unsigned music that has been written, produced and performed in the local area.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the great artists that featured on the show. Thanks to Keith Hammond www.gigshooters.com for the shots.

What the artists say…

“I’ve known Nia for a few years now and she is without a doubt one of the most supportive and helpful people I know within the music industry. Her radio show is all about promoting the best of local music and I have been lucky enough to be involved with it on a number of occasions. Nia gives interviews with complete ease and shows a real interest in you and your music – her show is friendly but also highly professional, a balance I think she has spot on.

One of the things I really admire about Nia is her dedication to immerse herself in the local music scene. Not only does she actively promote artists through Raw Vibes, but you will always find her at gigs in the area, supporting people that have been on the show whilst looking out for new talent to bring to the attention of her audience – something that I think gives her great credibility as a new music presenter.

On a final note… I have a great memory from the Raw Vibes Christmas Party show last year, where Nia brought together all of her favourite acts from the 2013 to chat and perform. This was a real stand out show for me and culminated with Nia singing ‘Fairytale of New York’ live on air alongside one of the bands (amazingly, might I add!) – how many other presenters would do that?!”

“Nia Visser is a fantastic presenter. I have had quite a few radio interviews now in the UK and the USA (Hollywood) and the ones with Nia stand out to be as the best. She has oodles of personality, she is thoughtful and takes time to understand artists before interviewing them.

Nia is highly professional, taking the time to explain things clearly before we go live. She makes certain to fact check and ensure that the messages I want delivered get across to the audience. She has been highly supportive of me as an artist and I know that she would make an excellent music presenter.

Working with Nia during the live broadcast at Cassiobury Park fireworks night was a highlight for me, on this occasion she was not interviewing me directly but despite that she went out of her way to ensure that I was comfortable and knew what was going on.

I work in film and TV, my production company Elstree Film Design is based at Elstree Studios. When Roberto Perrone recently came here to do a special outside broadcast about the site Nia helped to get me in touch with the right people to get me featured on the show, twice!

She goes above and beyond for artists, listeners, and from what I have seen of her work her fellow crew too. Nia will go on to do great things in the industry and I look forward to watching that progress.”

“We have met Nia on numerous occasions over the years, at events, on location and in the studio. She is always makes us feel relaxed and comfortable when being interviewed. The thing we like most about Nia is she always does her research, which makes for a much more beneficial interview for both parties. We have done hundreds in the past and get asked the same standard format of questioning. Not Nia Though. She has a great personality and we really enjoy listening back to the her shows. Nia also shows a great love for music in her spare time, especially on the local circuit, it’s quite often we bump into Nia at our shows and at other gigs. She is a very rounded, fun and professional presenter who we look forward to working with in the future.”

” The first time I was interviewed by Nia I was with my band mates. Four ladies, all excited about music, lots of chatting and general silliness. It was a really fun time, I remember not really knowing if we’d talked any sense, if it made any sense to anyone listening – then I checked my phone after the sessions and we’d had so many nice tweets and messages- and clearly we had made some sense, people had downloaded the song we were there to promote, people had said they’d be coming along to the gig. I think that’s the beauty of Nia, she somehow manages to get all of the important, promotional, radio stuff done whilst just making it feel like we were all having fun.

The next time I went on her show, I had no bandmates, just little old me. Nia greeted me like an old friend (which I’d like to think by this time I was, I think everyone would like to think that they can have a friend like Nia) I didn’t really mention I was nervous but she could tell. She fiddled around with the line up of things, getting the live performance “out of the way” so I could chat at ease with her. She’s good at reading people on the spot, and I think that’s part of what’s magical about her and her shows.

I wasn’t just made to feel like Nia had given my facebook page a quick glance before I went on air, and half listened to the track. It felt like she’d really done her homework. It was an opportunity to chat to somebody who genuinely loved what I was doing (either that or she’s just damn good at making musicians feel that way) and that made me feel like I could really shine, she was doing the promoting for me (the bit most musicians find hard) so I got to talk about what the songs meant to me, what I was listening to, how recording went…rather than those experiences when somebody just hits you with a “so, why should anyone listen to you?” to which I never have an answer!

I listen to Nia’s shows a lot. I like that she is genuinely excited about the music she plays. That you know she is a real music fan because you saw her in the pub at the gig of whichever band it was the night before. I like that she somehow manages to radiate an awesome amount of girl power in a very male environment without ever actually bringing that up as an issue at all. She’s just Nia, she does what she does. You are probably going to really like it. I know I do :)”

“Raw Vibes is always entertaining and informative to listen to, and offers local acts such as ourselves a great deal of support. Nia is genuine and as a result, very engaging as a presenter – her passion for the music she plays is apparent to listeners and inspires confidence in her opinion and knowledge. As a musician herself, she is also able to offer an interesting avenue for discussion in depth and with personal relevance to the technical and day-to-day aspects of being a musician, and her knowledge of the local scene is great and often enlightening.

It’s refreshing to work with a DJ that nurtures new talent as well as having pop sensibility. She’s natural on the mic and always carries a high level of professionalism. In the studio, she is a pleasure to chat to and the interviews that we have done with her have covered everything we wanted to talk about, without feeling forced or un-natural, and we usually unearth some new insights about ourselves and our music along the way! Nia really lets her personality shine through and uses this to bring out her guests’ personalities too. The environment Nia creates in the studio is easy to perform in, and we really value the sessions that we have played as promotion for ourselves, as well as live takes that have longevity in their own right. Playing and chatting on Raw Vibes has become a genuine favourite date in our calendar and we would be delighted to feature on any show that Nia is working on – she is super talented and a genuinely engaging and supportive presenter.”

“I’ve been swimming around the edges of the music business for many years now & fortunate enough to have met some interesting people, many of whom purported to have vision, determination and a whole heap of other stuff, and there’s no doubting that some could indeed talk the talk and walk the walk, but what they all lacked were balls………Cue Miss Nia Visser.

Nia not only thinks outside the box she’s willing to take risks and break boundaries , just one of the many things I love and hugely respect about her approach and stands her in a totally different league to others .

Some of the greatest bands and artists of yesteryear, Hendrix, Presley, Beatles to name but a few are only where they are today because having been rejected or deemed not good enough, one lone person had the balls to stand apart from the majority, and take a chance…

That’s Nia, she doesn’t just play music, she has a gut instinct for it, she knows when something’s special and will stick with it, showing the artist/band 100% support. This isn’t just a job to her; it’s a way of life.

It’s evident to those who’ve been blessed to spend time in her company, myself included being interviewed by her. She exudes a friendly love, warmth and enthusiasm, and shows a genuine interest in whoever it is she’s interviewing. Not having given an interview for some time I was a bag of nerves on my first interview on her VIBE107.6Fm radio show Raw Vibes, but from the moment she came bouncing up to open the door, with a huge grin and hallo I immediately felt relaxed and at ease as though meeting an old friend. Feeling so comfortable in her presence I was able to chat more freely and hopefully reply with interesting comments rather than the frozen yes and No’s that would have likely occurred if not for Nias infectious personality.

Come Sunday Raw Vibes 7-9pm everything stops in my house, & regardless of looking like a prune as I chill in the bath , I know I’m guaranteed a good choice of music, not just a couple of trax, but back to back solid good trax, the kind of music that leaves you excited on discovering a new song. I listen to her interview effortlessly and get plenty of laughs too, all in the space of two hours that seems to fly by way too quickly.

I believe without a shadow of a doubt the bigger the platform Nia is given, she is going to be breaking some serious bands/artists that will go on to major things. She’s already doing it, but just not getting the recognition she deserves.

In my own case and genre, of a stereotypical male dominated Rap/Hiphop, as a female I’ve struggled to break any ground in the UK , Nia could easily have walked away, So I’m forever thankful and indebted to her for her continued belief and support and radio play, but that’s what she does, not just for me but for all the bands and artists she believes in. Radio shows have become predictable and dull, but that’s two words you won’t ever find associated with the Fresh Miss Visser . Whether at the radio station, live event or some other function she is one lady you really want on board.”

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